INV Fintech is a banking
innovation platform.

Based in New York, we run a fintech startup accelerator and work with financial institutions to build or enhance
their innovation capabilities.




In collaboration with


Our accelerator

INV Fintech runs a 5-month startup accelerator dedicated exclusively to financial technology. Leveraging our pioneering virtual model, we foster innovation by facilitating information sharing, interactions, and potential collaborations between startups, financial institutions, and technology providers.

Participating startups benefit from:

Access to FIs and Fiserv

Interactions with INV Fintech acting as facilitator between startups, Fiserv, and Financial Institutions to increase the success of potential collaborations. 

Exceptional mentorship 

Support from the INV Fintech team and numerous mentors with extensive experience in strategy, fundraising, regulatory compliance, technology integration, partnerships, and more.

Robust network

Our network has 50+ alumni startups and 900+ applying startups covering a wide range of the fintech space, as well as financial institutions with over $1.5 trillion in combined assets.

Media presence

Our sister publication, Bank Innovation, provides exposure to accelerator events and developments. Startups are invited to present to a group of engaged innovation executives at BI demo events.

Deals from and access to INV Fintech's
API partners, including:


Our startups

Since 2015, we have helped over 50 startups grow their
business and pursue partnership opportunities
with financial institutions and technology companies. 

Startups can apply to our highly selective accelerator program  and/or join INV Fintech Link, a global database of fintech startups seeking to connect with industry decision-makers.


Current Class:


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Teller_Class 2.png

Corporate innovation

Financial Institutions and Technology Providers catalyze their corporate innovation by participating as Members in INV Fintech's accelerator program. Members have options to mentor, partner, invest in and source our startups.  

Our ecosystem includes:

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In addition to our accelerator experience, we offer tailored support to further enable our clients' innovation efforts with advisory services ranging from setting strategic direction to evaluating opportunities and facilitating execution. 


Our team

JJ Hornblass


  • LinkedIn - White Circle

JJ Hornblass is the CEO of INV Fintech. A long-time entrepreneur, JJ has been in the banking industry for 25 years. In 1995, he founded Royal Media, an information company based in New York, and as the founding author of Bank Innovation is one of the nation’s key advocates for creative customer experience in banking. He has a Masters from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and was a Fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Graduate School of Banking.

Lawrence Berkowitz


  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Laurence Berkowitz, Director, has over 15 years of experience with startups and has raised over $50 million for a number of companies. In his role as CFO, he has helped companies grow from seed stage to profitability. He holds an MS in accounting and an MBA in International Finance from NYU.

Mitchell Raab


  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Mitchell is a partner at Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP. A former Investment Professional at Seneca Capital, Mitch, who has a JD from NYU Law School, is an experienced deal professional. Mitch handles all INV deal matters.

Our mentors

Alessandro Andrade

Head, Sofisa Direto

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Ismail Chahib

Open Bank Project

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Ken Kruszka


  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Daniel Rosen

Founder & General Partner,
Commerce Ventures

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Matt Wilcox

SVP, Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Fiserv

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Deva Annamalai

Director, Innovation and Payments Strategy, 


Doug Bobenhouse

CEO/Founder, Bobenhouse Industries

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Matt Fifield

Innovation Officer, OCC

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Theo Moumtzidis

Founder & Managing Director, Delos Advisors

  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Alexis Giles

Global Head of Commercial Development, Music Publishing, Apple

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Yaniv Oz

Cyber Security Consultant,
IPV Security

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Brian Sagi

President & CEO,

Cerian Technology Ventures

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Dominic Venturo

Chief Innovation Officer,
U.S. Bank

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Josh Tanenbaum

Founding Partner, Clearstone Capital

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Mark Zmarzly 

CEO & Founder,
Hip Money

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Adam Carson

Operating Partner,


Point72 Ventures

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Per Jirstrand

Founder & CEO, Block5 Ventures

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Pam Perdue

EVP, Chief Regulatory Officer, Continuity

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

John Waupsh

Chief Innovation Officer, Kasasa

  • LinkedIn - White Circle